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death of scott man

Two lawsuits filed in death Scott man

Minjarez lost consciousness during arrest


March 05, 2015

The mother and grandmother of two children of a Scott man who died a year ago after losing consciousness during an arrest have filed separate wrongful-death lawsuits in federal court in Lafayette on behalf of the minors.

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Body cameras possibly on the way for Marksville police

KALB – Marksville, Louisiana – Marksville police officers could soon be wearing body cameras while on patrol.

City leaders discussed the issue at a meeting Wednesday evening.

There are currently 16 patrol officers with the Marksville Police Department.

Chief Elster Smith says the cost of cameras for the department would be about $5,000.

The chief also says he likes the idea of his officers wearing the body cameras.

“It would cut down on the complaints against officers,” Chief Smith said. “It will protect the officers and the citizens of the city.”

vehicle crashes

Vehicle crashes into home

KALB – Alexandria, Louisiana – One Alexandria family woke up to a loud crash outside their house. A vehicle wrecked into their home in the early hours of Saturday morning. It would be an unusual experience for most of us, however this family is used to it.

“We just heard like this big bang and we knew a car had hit the house. It’s something we’ve heard like a bunch of times,” Teresa Bordelon said, resident of the house.

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