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pothole damage

Is the city liable for pothole damage to vehicles?

Pothole Damage

Rear-ended by a car when you are stopped for a traffic light? Then that driver is most likely liable for damage to your vehicle and for any injuries you suffer. But what if your vehicle is damaged (or you are injured) because of a pothole in the road?

Poor road conditions, including potholes, can be the cause of serious car damage or even injuries for the driver. But, whether a person can sue for the resulting damage or injuries is a complicated question.

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Vehicle collides with train in Avoyelles Parish

KALB – Moreauville, Louisiana – A vehicle crashed with a train around nine Saturday morning in Moreauville, according to Doniele Carlson with Kansas City Southern.

It happened at Couvillion Street.

Carlson told News Channel 5 the driver of the vehicle was injured and taken to the hospital, but no one on the train was hurt in the crash.

Carlson said the incident is under investigation.

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Three killed, four injured in Natchitoches crash

KALB – Natchitoches, Louisiana Three people are dead and four more are injured after a fatal crash in Natchitoches parish Sunday.

State police say the crash happened Sunday afternoon on Highway 71 south of Clarence. They say 41-year-old Stacey N. Lachney was driving northbound when she crossed the centerline and collided with a Pontiac driven by Jennifer l. Tell.

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vehicle crashes

Vehicle crashes into home

KALB – Alexandria, Louisiana – One Alexandria family woke up to a loud crash outside their house. A vehicle wrecked into their home in the early hours of Saturday morning. It would be an unusual experience for most of us, however this family is used to it.

“We just heard like this big bang and we knew a car had hit the house. It’s something we’ve heard like a bunch of times,” Teresa Bordelon said, resident of the house.

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