Is the city liable for pothole damage to vehicles?


Pothole Damage

Rear-ended by a car when you are stopped for a traffic light? Then that driver is most likely liable for damage to your vehicle and for any injuries you suffer. But what if your vehicle is damaged (or you are injured) because of a pothole in the road?

Poor road conditions, including potholes, can be the cause of serious car damage or even injuries for the driver. But, whether a person can sue for the resulting damage or injuries is a complicated question.

Roads are maintained by cities, counties/parishes and states. Different maintenance responsibilities for a certain roadway can also be shared by more than one governmental agency.

Pothole Damage

potholeWho is legally liable in those situations? In many cases, it is the government entity charged with maintaining the road where your accident took place. But there are also times when someone other than the government is responsible.

State laws typically allow the government a reasonable amount of time to discover poor road conditions and a reasonable amount of time to repair them. Governments generally learn about dangerous road conditions through reports by people of road hazards, and, by taking regular surveys  of the roads.

pothole damageAccording to a WBRZ news account in 2015: In East Baton Rouge, the Department of Public Works has a system in place to pay some drivers for the damage, but there’s some fine print. Baton Rouge will only pay if there is prior knowledge of the pothole before a person hits it.

Therefore, a victim of a car accident due to poor road conditions must prove:

that the road conditions actually caused the damage to the car and/or the injuries.

that the agency or company responsible was negligent in maintaining the road, or warning drivers about hazards on the road.

Report the Incident No Matter What

There is a good chance you will help prevent the poor condition from causing damage to someone else’s vehicle. Your call can help prevent someone from being seriously injured. If you are not sure who to report the condition to, contact the local police department.

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