Vehicle crashes into home

Source: KALB

KALB – Alexandria, Louisiana – One Alexandria family woke up to a loud crash outside their house. A vehicle wrecked into their home in the early hours of Saturday morning. It would be an unusual experience for most of us, however this family is used to it.

“We just heard like this big bang and we knew a car had hit the house. It’s something we’ve heard like a bunch of times,” Teresa Bordelon said, resident of the house.

Teresa Bordelon and her family have lived in the house for more than 25 years–having a vehicle crash in their house or property is nothing out of the ordinary.

“We have had I guess 45 wrecks in 27 years at least,” Teresa Bordelon said. “We have had motorcylces flip, trucks upside down. I can’t even remember it, it’s just everything.”

The Alexandria Police Department said the accident occurred Saturday morning when a driver headed south on Horseshoe Dr. allegedly fell asleep at the wheel, crashing into the Bordelon’s home.

The vehicle struck the outside of the kitchen, while just a few feet away the family was sleeping.

“When it first happens, then we are just like on our toes, it’s like anxiety for a couple of weeks,” Teresa Bordelon said. “Then we will settle down, but usually it happens again. Sometimes they are minor and then sometimes they are not.”

Throughout the years, a van has flipped on top of their car, vehicles have crashed into their house and another crash let to the death of one driver.

“You never know when they are going to run off the road a little faster and do more damage,” Bryan Bordelon said, Teresa’s son. “It could come in the bedroom, someone could be hurt you know.”

The Bordelon’s have called this place home for more than 25 years, but for the future they are not so sure.

“We want to stay here we love it,” Teresa Bordelon said. “But I mean we are scared they are going to be in our bedroom in the next curve, the next time they are going to be in our bedroom and that’ll be it because we sleep right here.”

A.P.D said the driver did not suffer any injuries.